UAE Retail Store In 2014 we started retail business at remote area of UAE surrounded by labor camps. It was our first move to take up in that business I was quite hesitant and nervous while moving towards this sector, because our family always wanted to get us academic education to buy better job, unfortunately I become fail to achieve that target. I switched unknowingly in to retail business where community helped us to understand business feature and it operational phases and at same time some of our competitor tried to scare us. but it did not make me worried as I already made a great progress in the in Real Estate Market of Dubai and even before it I did a highly challenging project of making gas from dung. how I did create that mold and we executed it day to installation but unfortunately due to some security reason we could not continue that a very relevant project for the betterment of the environment as well village living farmers. In all that circumstances we kept moving and don’t look backward.

Those security reason and other circumstances diverted my directions seat by that time to help people by installing them a very simple mode of generating energy to make their life easy. After an accident incurred and then we felt unsafe to go village to village and work with them for days to continue installations of Wasandi Biogas Plants and that time nothing was clear, subsequently I left Pakistan and came Dubai with a new dream at very new place where no one was known to me and I started working for Real Estate fro two years. Meanwhile I learned about the Dubai life style and its business model. I did very smart move to invest fund at right place at right time. I wanted to start own real estate company which I could not but switched successfully to a new setup, which is a very small Grocery shop. I was new in that business and we had no idea how it works but we made out purchasing an existing business the seller of that business wanted to get ride of that place but we stood at the location and make it visible and land mark of the area. How it happened?

I stayed firm and convinced my employees to not worry but stand by faith to achieve the market as I saw rounded other many retail store were standing in good shape of their business than I realized why will not we survive like them and why we last hope and why not we think that we may serve better than other. That only idea helped us and we proceeded smoothly and we did it by the time, and now every one appreciate us. Our Business has started getting better day by day and now we are the customer’s right option for their needs. When ever I remember the period I stood behind, it make me feel that yes we did it and it helps to move further.